Exhibition Archives - First Pop-Up History on T-shirt Exhibition in Malaysia


In a momentous occasion, YB Michele Ng graced the inauguration of Cheapreme's Pop-Up store, kickstarting the groundbreaking "First ever T-Shirt Exhibition in Malaysia, Promoting History and Tourism," fueled by the unwavering support of Tourism Selangor.


Prepare to embark on a historical journey like no other, where T-shirts take center stage as the canvas for Selangor's captivating past. This exhibition doesn't just showcase fashion; it revolutionizes it as a dynamic means of storytelling, provoking introspection about our personal style choices and the language of clothing itself. It's a vivid testament to the power of collecting T-shirts, a personal archival endeavor that reveals the historical threads woven into our wardrobes, whether they are personal anecdotes or universal narratives.



As you meander through the corridors of T-shirt history, you'll discover a world where everyday garments stand shoulder to shoulder with the extraordinary. Each T-shirt on display is a conversation starter, an invitation to view history from fresh perspectives.



This exhibition isn't just about T-shirts; it's about redefining the way we experience history through fashion. Selangor's rich past comes to life on these T-shirt canvases, igniting discussions about the art of clothing and its profound impact. It's a showcase of T-shirt collecting as an act of preserving history, each shirt whispering its own tale from our past.


As you journey through the ages of this unassuming yet iconic garment, you'll find that the mundane and the extraordinary share equal limelight. The T-shirts showcased here are more than fabric; they're gateways to extraordinary stories from history.



This exhibition weaves a tapestry of local history, using T-shirts as a vibrant means of expression. The carefully curated thematic groups bring to the forefront the messages and stories etched into each garment, inviting you to rediscover their significance.


The T-shirt, with its ubiquity and versatility, transcends mere fashion. It's been a shield of individuality and a megaphone for collective expression. Delving into the T-shirt's history through the lens of culture, cult, and subversion, this exhibition unveils its role as a canvas for personal affinities and affiliations, a mirror of creativity, and a stage for technical innovation.