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Between The Lines (BTL) is a weekday newsletter that provides contextualized summaries of the day’s main news in an enjoyable, witty daily email. They’ll tell you what’s up, what it means and why it matters. Their unofficial tagline? "If you don't laugh at the news, you'd probably cry"!



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Between The LINES


It's election season! And you can bet your bottom dollar that the mudslinging, name-calling, accusations, and embellishment of accomplishments have begun. As such, we at Between The Lines will be launching our election coverage and our new GE look, Between The Li n es (subtle, no?), as we continue to break down the news, provide context and, in short, tell you what's what. Get the special edition here.

Are we burying our heads in the sand?

Prominent lawyer and activist Ambiga Sreenevasan feels Malaysia’s in trouble. In this exclusive piece, she addresses institutional failures, graft, and abuse of power, and fears time is running out for change. You can read the commentary here

Stronger Dewan Rakyat?

Amid upheaval and uncertainty, one political analyst argues that Malaysia’s Parliament has been strengthened in many ways and have even notched a number of important firsts. But can this period of democratic maturity last, and for how long? You can read the commentary here.

Unequal Before The Law: How Malaysian Moms And Their Kids Are Second-class Citizens

Thousands of children the world over are stuck without Malaysian citizenship, innocent victims of archaic, sexist laws which deny Malaysian women the rights men have to automatically confer citizenship to offspring born abroad. For over six decades, little’s been done to make things right. You can read the commentary here.

Women in danger: Malaysia’s mental health crisis

Amidst a protracted pandemic, an increasing number of Malaysians have been driven to despair and suicide, up to an average of 2 people a day. This mental health crisis began long before Covid-19 hit our shores, but recent data reveals that more women are killing themselves than men. Why is this happening? You can read the special report here.