Welcome to Cheapreme! We’re a community-profit-sharing platform disguised as a t-shirt printing brand. Our mission is to fight poverty and provide assistance to families in need through our unique, humorous t-shirts. 


When you purchase one of our t-shirts, you’re not just buying a shirt. You’re buying a bag of rice that will be donated to a family in need through a local NGO, volunteer group, or state assembly person’s local office. 


Our t-shirts are uniquely designed to make a point, using humour and art to bring attention to current issues. And every person who buys one of our t-shirts based on any campaign will have their name listed as a contributor. 


We’re so excited to have you join us in our mission! Let’s make the world a better place, one t-shirt at a time.

3rd Anniversary : Seloka Raya


We recently celebrated our 3rd anniversary in style, joined by esteemed guests including Minister of Communications, YB Fahmi Fadzil, YB Izuan Kasim, and YB Lim Yi Wei. It was a night filled with laughter and joy, complemented by the comedic brilliance of Kavin Jay—truly a refreshing departure from the usual open house gatherings.


Reflecting on our journey fills us with profound fulfillment. What began as a parody has blossomed into a household name across Malaysia and beyond, with support from iconic brands like Air Asia, TGV Cinemas, Fly FM, and American Express. Together, we've sparked a movement where generosity is woven into everyday life—a testament to the power of collective action.


Over the past three years, we've contributed over RM100k to vital causes such as mental health, flood relief, and autism awareness through every sale. Our commitment to making a positive impact drives us forward.



Dare to Embrace the Extraordinary!


Elevate your wardrobe game with our T-shirts that transcend the ordinary. They're not just garments; they're a blank canvas eagerly awaiting your touch of creativity. Customize your tee with designs, texts, or treasured snapshots, crafting bespoke gifts that stand out across Malaysia.


Unleash the Power of Your Imagination!


Break free from limitations at Cheapreme. Let your creativity run wild, showcasing your distinctive vision to the world. Our straightforward process invites you to fill out a simple form, upload your design, and boom,! It's time to turn your ideas into wearable art!


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