Experience the Ultimate GigaBash Adventure: Your Character, Your T-shirt!

We're thrilled to announce our exclusive collaboration between Cheapreme and Passion Republic Games for the GigaBash Official Custom T-shirt collection. Dive into the realm of GigaBash not just as a player but as a creator of your very own one-of-a-kind custom GigaBash T-shirt.



Enter the arena as Kaijus & Heroes as you battle with up to 4 players in a classic couch battle! Choose from a roster of 10 original characters each with their own unique playstyle, along with 17 fully destructible maps with unique map mechanics.


Prove your worth in Online Battle, explore the world in Story Mode, or battle hordes of Kaijus in Onslaught Mode, and more! You can also play as the Tokusatsu Giants from the Godzilla and Ultraman universe as they crossover into the GigaBash world.


Developed by Passion Republic Games, this Malaysian team of indie game developers seeks to realize childhood dreams for Tokusatsu fans, while driving their passion for the genre into the heart of modern gaming.


Imagine embodying the spirit of your favorite GigaBash character on your personalized tee. With our innovative platform, you have the power to choose your character and craft a unique design that resonates with your style and personality. It's an opportunity to showcase your love for the game in a way that's truly yours.


Join us in this epic journey of creativity and gaming passion. Design, play, and wear your GigaBash pride with our exclusive custom T-shirt collection, where the adventure begins with you!

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