Announcing our very first collaboration with a Malaysian games dev studio, Persona Theory Games'. Show off your love for their latest release, 'Kabaret' via this special collaboration. 


Welcome to the Kabaret - where monsters from Southeast Asian myths and folklores dwell. Perform tea ceremonies, play traditional games, and question your humanity. "The truth is this, every monster you have ever met, was once a human being."

Cursed into a monster, Jebat journeys into a realm called the "Alam Bunian". Taken in by the charismatic owner of Kabaret, known only as The Caretaker, Jebat is tasked with providing tea ceremonies to the dwellers in an effort to gather information on how to break his curse.

Kabaret is a dark fantasy folklore adventure game. The story unfolds through the eyes of Jebat, a cursed boy who is uprooted from his small town to a mystical, violent, and unforgiving monster realm. Astray and lonely in a place of unfathomable cruelty, Jebat confronts monsters both supernatural and human in the Kabaret.

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